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Updated: Friday 26th April 2019


Normally year after year slight changes to the laws of the game do not effect many of us as they have tended to be more cosmetic aorund sponsor sizes etc. 

However, for next season and also including preseason games there is a raft of law changes. Quite nice when we also have to remember that temporary dismissals come in to the game at the grass roots level. 


So please make sure you are aware of the law changes so you make sure you knwo how to apply them. We will be going through the law changes at our September meeting, but no doubt will have a refresher at our May meeting.  

Steve Ferris




The society was established in 1925 to give an important voice piece for local referees who wanted to share experiences on and off the pitch.


Up to the modern day it still provides that valuable service for old and young alike. No matter what your level and experience is, there is always something you can learn from the Guildford Referees Society.


Remember, there are Referees out there and some you may come across on the park on any given weekend who do not belong to a Society. Ask them why? There are a lot more pros than cons in belonging to a Society and if nothing else, at least they are covered by the RA Insurance and in these days of Litigation it is well worth it.


We hope you enjoy the site and any comments you have will always be welcomed.


If you have any questions about the site the please email me.


Yours in football,


Steve Ferris