A new Multi Caution match report form has been developed and approved by The Football Association that permits all cautions from a fixture to be reported on one form.


Referees will only be required to complete one form and send just one copy to the appropriate association giving details of the fixture, details of the player, substitute player or substituted player cautioned and code for the offence that has been committed (i.e. C1 to C7).


Referees are reminded that in using this form the following guidance needs to be taken into consideration:


  1. This form is to be used for cautions only.
  2. Players receiving two cautions in a game must be reported on the standard misconduct reporting form.
  3. Players sent off or other reports of misconduct need to be reported individually on the standard misconduct report form.
  4. A copy of the form needs to be sent to each County that is affected. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the referee to photocopy the form and send to each appropriate association.  However, you are required to still include the details of all of the cautions on one form.
  5. To assist associations in the administration of the misconduct, please include team details on the form (i.e. 1st, reserves, U18, U17, etc.).


This form is available from two main sources:


Any County Football Association


A Microsoft Excel version of the form is available that enables the referee to complete the form electronically and submit to the appropriate association by email. The referee must have Microsoft Excel installed in order for this form to work.


Online Reporting


All registered referees have the ability, through either the FA website or an approved County FA website, to enter the Multi Caution match report form online.


These reports are submitted to the appropriate County Association on completion. It is hoped that referees will benefit from these developments and realise an improved efficient reporting process.